The experiences and difficulties of teachers in working with ASD learners from various types of schools

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A teacher has an accumulation of knowledge, skills, as well as insight and provides support, which plays a critical role in student learning and achievement. My aim was to identify the characteristics of those who teach and care for students with ASDs in different types of schools. I researched teachers working with SEN students: 97 from integrative schools, 64 from mainstream schools, and 64 special school teachers. The data was collected using a questionnaire, the Two-dimensional Emotional Intelligence Inventory (DINEMO) and the Social Competence Questionnaire. The findings highlight that the majority of support and general teachers, despite less than five years of experience, declare the least difficulties in working with high-functioning children with ASDs. Special school teachers do not perceive the most difficulties in working not only with high-functioning students but also with low-functioning children affected by ASDs. The data showed that most teachers have extensive experience in working with both groups of students.

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