The Ministry of Education (MEN) has prepared draft regulations amending the general education core curriculum for 18 subjects in primary and secondary schools. Publication of the ministerial proposals was preceded by preliminary drafts from appointed experts and extensive public pre-consultations. MEN's proposals took into account some of the demands and suggestions made through a special form and during online meetings by citizens and various types of organisations and institutions. Public consultations and inter-ministerial reviews are beginning at the same time as publication of the drafts on April 23.

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education on April 17, 2024 and attended by Education Minister Barbara Nowacka.

The conference “Competence in mechanics – the field of welding in the context of the Integrated Qualifications System” was held on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, in Kielce. This was the first in a series of 9 industry conferences planned by the IQS team. The conference attracted a great amount of interest and gathered a large audience.

The Educational Research Institute, commissioned by the Ministry of National Education, has prepared handbooks for teachers, students and parents to help apply the provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of National Education on the assessment, classification and promotion of students and class auditors in public schools.

There has been a lot of discussion about the significance of homework in recent years, as well as about its impact on pupil’s well-being. This debate resulted in a regulation of the Minister of National Education on 29 March 2024 on limiting and individualizing homework depending on the developmental age and abilities of pupils.

Providing opinions on developed standards and recommendations for the use of microcredentials in Poland, discussing solutions for designing, describing, issuing and ensuring the credibility of microcredentials, as well as exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge are the main objectives of the Microcredentials Advisory Group. Its inaugural meeting was held in Warsaw on March 26.

This event, organised by the Integrated Qualifications System team, focuses on current topics for the welding industry and important issues relating to vocational training. Recognised experts will present and participate in two panels – a thematic one and a discussion one – on the challenges in welding and current competence needs defined by employers.