Department of Media Education and Artificial Intelligence (ZEMiSI)

The Educational Research Institute conducts activities within the Department of Media Education and Artificial Intelligence, in particular:

  • research on the level of media education in the Polish educational system (status, diagnosis, development prospects)
  • research and analysis of the impact of new media, information and communication technologies and artificial intelligence technologies on the process of education and the ways of transferring knowledge
  • research on the opportunities and threats for students and teachers from the use of new media, information and communication technologies as well as artificial intelligence technologies
  • research on the level and scope of media and digital competences in the knowledge, skills and social attitudes of students, teachers and the general public
  • research on the level and quality of competences in the use of artificial intelligence by students, teachers and society
  • cooperation with institutions from the broadly understood industries of media and artificial intelligence for the purpose of strengthening media and digital competences in society
  • cooperation with national and foreign scientific centres
  • organising and participating in conferences, symposia and other events relating to media education
  • cooperation with schools, scientific units, public and non-governmental institutions to provide opinions on, develop and implement curricula in the field of media education and artificial intelligence technology
  • create and implement methods, means, tools and educational programmes based
    on digital technologies and artificial intelligence to be used in the education process
  • develop and publish teaching materials (in traditional and digital form), such as textbooks, educational videos, online games, simulators, applications with elements of artificial intelligence and augmented reality and other tools, showing new media and artificial intelligence technologies as a school subject, but also as a teaching tool in the educational process
  • conduct basic and implementation research and development work
  • promote and implement the results of scientific research and development work
  • obtain external funds to conduct scientific research
  • draft expert reports and opinions commissioned by IBE’s directors and external entities
  • implement other responsibilities arising from IBE’s statute


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National projects conducted by the Department of Media Education and Artificial Intelligence

  1. National Identity in the Process of School Education

The project “National Identity in the Process of School Education”, financed by the “Science for Society” programme of the Minister of Education, aims to learn about the opinions of primary and secondary school directors, teachers and students on national identity and how to shape it in public school.

  1. Nationwide Study on the Attitudes of Poles towards Artificial Intelligence

This is a national survey of Poles’ attitudes towards artificial intelligence using the CAWI panel. The data were collected between 15-20 September 2023 using Ariadna’s nationwide research panel.

  1. Digital competences of pupils in AI as a task of media education in primary schools

A grant application for the “Science for Society II” programme of the Ministry of Education and Science entitled “Digital competences of students in the field of AI as a task of media education in primary schools” (2023) has been prepared. Its aim is to diagnose the level of preparation and the attitude of primary schools in Poland towards implementing technologies based on AI. Another aim is to stimulate scientific discourse on the issues of the adaptation and use of AI and ML in the primary school education process, not only in the academic community, but also among school teachers.

  1. Investigating the impact of information and communication technologies on teaching and learning processes (work on the grant application is underway).

International projects conducted by the Department of Media Education and Artificial Intelligence

  1. Unlocking youth potential through Bibliotherapy

This is an international research project under the Erasmus+ Programme "Unlocking youth potential through Bibliotherapy" (October 2023). Project partners are Slovakia, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

Scientific conferences and symposia

  1. Nationwide Scientific Symposium "The Dehumanization of Communication – The Humanization of Automatons"

ZEMiSI organised a National Scientific Symposium entitled "The Dehumanization of Communications – The Humanization of Automatons", which took place on 29 September 2023 at IBE. The symposium addressed the multidimensional problem of human objectification and the empowerment of automatons in social communication. The event included a discussion of the practical implications for the educational system.

We invite you to take a look at the detailed programme of the event.

  1. Participation in the 3rd Congress of Classical Education in Warsaw

ZEMiSI experts participated in this event, which took place in Warsaw on 20 September 2023. It was organised by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Educational Research Institute, the Education Development Centre in Warsaw and the Zamojska Academy.

We invite you to read the Congress report.

  1. Participation in the 7th Festival of Catholic Social Science "From Theory to Practice"
  1. Paper presentation at the National Scientific Conference “Ethical-social aspects of artificial intelligence”

The Conference was organised by the Laboratory of Social Problems of Contemporary Sciences at the Institute of Sociological Sciences of The Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (UKSW) and the Centre for Catholic Social Sciences of UKSW.

  1. Paper presentation at the 5th Congress of the Polish Society for Media Education in Warsaw

The Polish Society for Media Education, the Institute of Applied Polish Studies and the Laboratory for Research on Polish and Media Education at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the University of Warsaw organised the Congress. The theme is "Media education X0. Crossing the borders.”

Other activities

  1. Initiative to establish an expert panel of directors as an advisory body of IBE
  2. Developing recommendations for teachers on the use of AI technology
  3. Reactivating IBE’s involvement in the Erasmus+ programme