PISA 2022: Preparing for the Programme for International Student Assessment

The Educational Research Institute has launched the 8th edition of the Programme for International Student Assessment. The PISA survey will take place between March 1 and April 25, 2022 in 250 randomly selected secondary schools from across Poland.


The PISA survey is the largest international survey of student skills in the world. Conducted every 3 years, Poland has participated since it was initiated in 2000.

Over 250 schools from throughout the country will participate in the main survey. Fifteen-year-olds studying in general and vocational secondary schools, vocational sectoral schools and primary schools will take part in the survey. In large schools, 46 students will be randomly selected to take the survey, while in smaller schools, all 15-year-old students will be invited to participate.

The main PISA 2022 survey is designed to provide comparative data on student ability in five subject areas. In the 2022 edition, not only will literacy, the natural sciences and financial skills be tested, students will also be solving new problems in mathematics and in a new area included in PISA for the first time – “creative thinking”.

PISA 2022 – Detailed information

The implementation of the PISA 2022 survey in each school involves testing students' knowledge and skills by giving them problems to solve. Students will work on tasks that measure skills in mathematics, science, reading, financial literacy and creative thinking. The allocation of students to different parts of the study is random. Students will also complete a questionnaire asking about their opinions and attitudes.

The survey is conducted on computers provided by a research company selected in a tender. The entire survey should take place within one day. An element of the survey is also the completion of a questionnaire by principals about broadly understood school resources.

PISA 2022 is commissioned to IBE by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

The results of the survey will be compiled ‒ just as the reports from previous editions – only in the form of collective data sets at the national level and will not be used to assess the work of individual schools, nor to assess the knowledge and skills of individual students. Therefore, neither the names of the participating schools nor their results will be made available to anyone.

The provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the Civil Code will be observed during the implementation of the survey. All personal data collected and used will be anonymised and will not in any way be made public or transferred to other entities.

The Educational Research Institute has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science to conduct the PISA survey in Poland.

More information about the survey can be found on the PISA website.