Launching the Teaching and Learning International Survey – TALIS 2024

At the beginning of March, the TALIS 2024 survey – a global barometer of the teaching profession – began in Poland. We would like to present the objectives of the survey and target groups.

The survey documents the determinants of working in schools, teaching and learning, based on the information, experiences and opinions collected from teachers and school principals.

Teachers and school leaders answer questions in the survey, which show the realities of the work of the teaching staff and school leaders from their perspective. The fourth edition of the TALIS survey is being conducted in 2024, with education professionals from more than 50 countries around the world participating.

The objectives of TALIS

Evidence-based education policy and informed public debate on improving the quality of education, optimising learning and teaching conditions need reliable data. The purpose of TALIS is to obtain meaningful, representative, comparable data as a basis for:

  • describing and analysing teaching and learning conditions
  • developing indicators to show similarities and differences between education systems
  • monitoring trends and changes
  • formulating recommendations on the quality of education and the teaching profession
  • promoting good practices in terms of teachers’ working conditions and the organisation of teaching

The TALIS 2024 survey in Poland

  • is conducted on-line
  • involves a total of 7,300 respondents: teachers of grades V–VIII and school directors from 279 primary schools

The results of TALIS will be known at the end of 2025.

Information about the survey is available on the website of the survey organiser – the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and on the website of the Educational Research Institute, which is conducting TALIS 2024 in Poland