Cooperation with the Central Examination Board

In April this year, the Institute for Educational Research signed a cooperation agreement with the Central Examination Board. The contract initiates, among others, common research projects, the exchange of information and the implementation of jointly developed solutions.


The contract was concluded in order to establish a favourable and effective framework for cooperation in the design and implementation of research in the broadly understood field of education, particularly in the areas of conducting examinations and improving the quality of education in the area of didactics. The contract was signed by Dr Piotr Stankiewicz, Director of IBE and by Dr Marcin Smolik, Director of the Central Examination Board.

Cooperation between the two institutions is planned, among others, in the development and implementation of research and analysis, promotion and dissemination of joint research results, exchange of experiences and good practices, as well as implementation of the developed solutions and results of the research projects. Under the agreement, both parties also undertake to share anonymised examination data and test data as well as other materials and information for the development and improvement of the effectiveness of research and analysis.

We firmly believe that this is the start of a long-term and fruitful cooperation of both institutions, which will contribute to the quality of education and research on education in Poland!