IBE at the Round Table on Education

On Friday, April 26, the "Round Table on Education" was inaugurated in Warsaw. Talks will be continued this coming Tuesday in thematic groups. One of the organisations invited to participate in this event is the Educational Research Institute.

"The Round Table on Education" is an initiative of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Friday's plenary session was attended by representatives of the education community, parents, teachers, local governments and non-governmental organisations. The discussion focused on four topics: students, teachers, the quality of education and the modern school. The session was opened by a speech of the Prime Minister, who noted: "Education requires investment, but it also must be reformed for the 21st century, schools in Poland cannot remain in the Cretaceous era."

The next talks will take place on Tuesday, April 30 at 11:00 in the Conference Centre of the National Stadium. Participants will discuss 5 topics in subgroups: "Teachers in the education system", "The quality of education", "The modern school", "Students in the education system" and "Parents in the education system". The following persons are participating in the discussions on behalf of the Educational Research Institute:

  • Dr Piotr Stankiewicz, Director of IBE, who will participate in "The modern school" subgroup,
  • Dr Dominika Walczak, who will who will participate in the "Teachers in the education system" subgroup,
  • Dr Michał Sitek, who will participate in the "The quality of education" subgroup.