IBE expert is now a member of the European NESET Network

NESET, the Network of Experts working on the Social Dimension of Education and Training, is an advisory network of experts working on the social dimensions of education and training. Jędrzej Stasiowski, on the staff of the Educational Research Institute, joined NESET in January 2019.


The Network was established by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture to support European-level education policy development and to enhance cooperation among Member States in the area of education.

NESET provides reliable and independent scientific support as well as the specialised expertise of persons from various countries working on the role of education in reducing poverty, strengthening equity and promoting social inclusion. NESET acts in an advisory capacity to the European Commission on the social aspects of all types and levels of education. It is a knowledge broker between EU institutions and academia – providing systematic feedback on research results from the entire world.

IBE is represented in NESET

In January 2019, Jędrzej Stasiowski, a sociologist and member of IBE’s Education Research and Analysis Department, became a member of NESET. His research interests include social inequality, labour market and education policies, as well as vocational school education. He is currently involved in studying the use of data from public registers to track the educational and career paths of vocational school graduates.

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