Awards and distinctions for authors from the quarterly "Edukacja"!

The winners have been announced of the first edition of the Prof. Roman Czernecki Award. Among them are authors who publish in the quarterly "Edukacja" [Education], published by the Educational Research Institute.

The jury awarded two equal prizes of 10,000 PLN in the "Scientific Article" category. Dr Anna Baczko-Dombi received one of these awards for her article "Abandoning Mathematics. Reconstructing the Process in the Context of the Social Perception of Mathematics", published last year in "Edukacja". The award was also given to a team of authors: Dr Sylwia Bedyńska, Dr Izabela Krejtz and Prof. Grzegorz Sędek for their article “Chronic Stereotype Threat Is Associated with Mathematical Achievement on the Role of Gender Identification, Working Memory, and Intellectual Helplessness”, which appeared in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology”.

Among those receiving recognition for their work were Magdalena Smak and Dominika Walczak from the Educational Research Institute, authors of "The prestige of the teaching profession in the perception of teachers and former teachers", which appeared in 2017 in "Edukacja".

The Prof. Roman Czernecki award is made to journalists and researchers, and is intended to draw attention to the key role of education in shaping modern society. The organisers of the competition want to promote education as a research subject in Polish scientific institutions and support the exchange of knowledge and experience regarding education in the media by recognising important publications in this field.

The quarterly "Edukacja"

"Edukacja" has been published continuously since 1983 by the Educational Research Institute. The journal discusses issues addressing the broadly understood field of education in the context of various scientific disciplines, in particular pedagogy, sociology, psychology, economics and law. The didactics of school subjects is one of its primary study areas. The editors are also aiming to revive discussions about the state of education in Poland.