Save the date! A conference on developing models for including non-formal sector qualifications in NQFs

The conference will present the experiences of different countries on including qualifications attained in the non-formal education sector in national qualifications frameworks. The main focus will be on the models developed, which are based on a detailed analysis of the systems in seven EU countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Ireland, Poland and UK-Scotland.

The models are being developed to support decision makers and relevant stakeholders designing solutions and procedures to include non-formal sector qualifications in NQF-based qualifications systems. Experts and specialists playing key roles in implementing national qualifications frameworks will be presenting. Additionally, working group sessions will be held, enabling participants to share their experiences and provide feedback on the material presented, serving as a mutual learning experience.

The conference is organised by the NQF-IN Project, financed from the Erasmus+ Programme.

More information about the conference will be provided in the coming weeks by email and on our website.

Please consider joining us on June 5-6 in what promises to be a very informative event.

See the agenda of the conference