Support to the FYR Macedonia in developing its National Qualifications Framework

The Educational Research Institute is leading a Twinning project entitled „Further improvement of the system for development and implementation of the National Qualification Framework” in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Twinning Reference No. MK 13 IB SO 02).

Twinning projects provide institutional support to public institutions to help them upgrade administrative capacities. This assistance is available to countries eligible to participate in programmes financed by the European Commission. Among the beneficiaries of Twinning projects are potential EU candidate countries, and this includes FYR Macedonia.

The project is being implemented from January 18, 2016 to July 17, 2017 in a consortium with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of Croatia and the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework Partnership of the United Kingdom. Experts from Poland’s Ministry of National Education are also involved, as are international specialists from Italy, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Netherlands and Austria.

The FYR Macedonia’s Ministry of Education and Science will receive support with the process of adapting elements of their qualifications system to the requirements of the European Qualifications Framework. This includes:

  • updating existing legal regulations so that they are consistent with the principles of EU recommendations on qualifications systems,
  • developing a methodology of describing existing qualifications from the formal education sector,
  • developing a methodology of describing new qualifications from the non-formal education sector in selected fields and adapting them to the requirements of the European Qualifications Framework,
  • assessing the need for qualifications in response to the needs of Macedonia’s labour market,
  • developing a process of dialogue with selected stakeholders of the Macedonian qualifications system, and
  • supporting the referencing process.

The project’s Leader is Dr Agnieszka Chłoń-Domińczak, supported by Beata Balińska, Resident Twinning Advisor, on site in Skopje to facilitate project implementation with Macedonian counterparts.