Expanded PISA 2022 survey report

An expanded version of the PISA 2022 survey report is now available – “Polish 15-year-olds in an international perspective”. In addition to an in-depth analysis of student performance in numeracy (the PISA 2022 focus area), literacy and science, the publication includes extensive coverage of several important research areas covered in PISA 2022.22.

The report presents analyses of:

  • educational inequalities and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on these inequalities,
  • various aspects of students’ functioning, including, among others, their social and financial circumstances, well-being, well-being at school and in their peer group, sense of belonging at school and life satisfaction,
  • students’ use of digital technologies in and out of school.

The survey was conducted in 2022, with over 690,000 students from 81 countries and regions around the world taking part.

The full report can be downloaded:


Polish students took part in two additional PISA 2022 survey components – on creative thinking and financial literacy. We invite you to read the publications on these two areas:



In addition, a publication has been prepared on student error and its role in the teaching process based on declassified tasks from different editions of the PISA survey. The monograph “Error in Didactics. Causes of its formation, its mechanisms, and didactic opportunities. Based on PISA survey tasks” is available for download:


For more information about the PISA 2022 survey, visit our website pisa.ibe.edu.pl.

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