Results of the PISA 2022 survey on youth and finances

The results are in on the additional part of the PISA 2022 survey on financial literacy. Polish 15-year-olds declared the use of banking services significantly more often than in previous editions, and they stand out from their peers in other countries in terms of the frequency of smartphone payments or online shopping.

Poland was among the countries with high financial literacy scores, although the average score of Polish students was lower compared to 2018. The PISA Youth Financial Literacy Survey is the fourth edition of this study showing the state of financial literacy of young people, as well as presenting the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs of 15-year-olds relating to finances. The survey was conducted in March and April 2022, with 20 countries participating in the measurement of financial literacy. It was conducted in Poland by the Educational Research Institute on behalf of the Ministry of National Education.

PISA 2022 finanse okładka

Survey report

Other reports from the survey as well as additional information about PISA are available at the websites of the Educational Research Institute ( and OECD (