Summary of IMPACT’24 in Poznań

IMPACT’24, the biggest technology and economic event in Central and Eastern Europe, is behind us. 2 days, 9 interactive stages, 23 thematic tracks and dozens of prominent speakers. The Educational Research Institute, which was a partner of the IMPACT’24 event, was represented by Michał Nowakowski.

Wide-ranging and extremely topical issues presented by prominent experts are the hallmark of each edition of IMPACT. This year, over 6,000 spectators followed discussions in Poznań on: artificial intelligence, new technologies, Industry 5.0, cyber security, sustainable development, the space industry, marketing, culture, business and many, many others.

The second day of IMPACT’24 featured an important discussion on education, technology and the labour market:

“The future of education in societies of the future: How to adapt education systems to continuous technological and professional change”.

Michał Nowakowski, leader of the project “Microcredentials – piloting a new solution to support lifelong learning” at the Educational Research Institute, took part in this panel. Other panel experts included: Maria Mrówczyńska, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Piotr Dardziński, Warsaw University of Technology, Anna Marciniak, NCBR. The discussion was moderated by Boguslaw Chrabota, Rzeczpospolita.

In his talk, Michał Nowakowski focused on a modern solution for education and the labour market, namely microcredentials. In one of his talks, he cited the following relevant data:

According to a CEDEFOP study, 94% of university representatives from all over Europe considered microcredentials to be an effective way to make higher education more attractive and effective. In turn, research and the OPI report indicate that microcredentials will be a key element in the future of higher education – this is how they are viewed by both higher education representatives as well as by students and graduates. At the Educational Research Institute, within the FERS project, we are developing standards for microcredentials that could be implemented as part of the country’s national education policy.

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