IBE Conference: Educational differences and the gender of students

The Educational Research Institute cordially invites you to participate in an online conference on the educational differences in Poland in the context of students’ gender. The programme includes both experts and a panel discussion. You may register using the link below.

This online event will take place on May 20 from 11:00–13:00. Participation is free of charge.


Katarzyna Lubnauer, Secretary of State of the Ministry of National Education, and Dr. Maciej Jakubowski, Director of the Educational Research Institute will open the conference.

Also present at the event will be:

Dr. Tomasz Gajderowicz, Prof. Francesca Borgonovi, Dr. Michal Sitek, Michal Gulczyński, Marcin Skrabka, Dr. Zofia Zasacka, Dr. Alicja Zawistowska-Sadowska.

The topics to be addressed include:

  • Gender differences in international educational research
  • Gender, exam results and the educational paths of Polish students
  • The problems of boys and men in education – major challenges
  • Reading among boys

The conference will also hold a debate “How to close gender-related educational gaps?” moderated by Dr. Tomasz Gajderowicz, Deputy Director of the Educational Research Institute.

We invite you to join us!