IBE sponsorships: “Edu Meet – Education closer to the region”

Interactive educational zones devoted to artificial intelligence, immersive education, cyber security, fake news, gamification and a conference on modern solutions for education – that’s a summary of the “Edu Meet – Education closer to the region” event in a nutshell.

The Educational Research Institute supports initiatives aimed at promoting modern and interactive teaching methods and providing educational inspiration for young people and teachers. Therefore, on April 25 and 26, 2024 in Parzęczew, we participated in the event “Edu Meet - Education closer to the region”. This event consisted of two parts:

  • an interactive exhibit in the educational zones for primary school pupils
  • a conference for local government officials, school directors, representatives of educational institutions and entrepreneurs

The conference, which took place on April 25, was devoted to the following issues in the field of innovative technologies and how to implement them in the teaching process:

  • Education closer to the region – Ryszard Nowakowski, Mayor of the Town and Municipality of Parzęczew
  • Technology for education – Paweł Czerwony, Joanna Wyszyńska, Google for Education
  • The digital development of education in local government units – Dorota Jastrzębska, Centre for Education Development
  • Immersive Education – Adrianna Paradowska, Institute of National Remembrance
  • Competencies of the future – Mariusz Brędzej, Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Budowlanych S.A.
  • Microcredentials – every skill is significant – Michał Nowakowski, Educational Research Institute

IBE was represented by Michał Nowakowski, Project Leader of “Microcredentials – piloting a new solution to support lifelong learning”:

“Conference participants – teachers, local government officials and other experts of solutions for modernising education – had the opportunity to share current trends and discuss directions that will support young people in their development and planning for the future. I am glad that I had the opportunity to present a solution supporting the acquisition of skills, such as microcredentials or digital badges. They are also a sign of the times, in which personalised development, phased accumulation of skills and reliable validation are important. I am convinced that digital documents collected in an application that allows for a quick presentation of the skills a person actually has can be a source of personal satisfaction, motivation, enable a person to set their own path and – very importantly – be a source of information for a potential employer.”

Event organisers: Municipality of Parzęczew,  Julian Tuwim Primary School in Parzęczew and the Regional Development Centre of Parzęczew