Michal Przymusiński has been appointed head of the AI in education team

Michal Przymusiński, the  Deputy Director for the Digitization of Education and Science at the Educational Research Institute, has been appointed head of the AI team working on using aspects and the tools of artificial intelligence in the field of education.

Michal Przymusiński received the appointment from Mateusz Rafał, Director of the Centre for Digital Transformation, who presented it on behalf of Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education and Science.

A working group of the Ministry of Education and Science, representatives from Microsoft for Education, Google and educational experts from higher education institutions in Poland (including: Kozminski University and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology) established a work plan for developing new materials.

The content will address the current use and role of artificial intelligence and focus on aspects relating to mental health and general well-being in an era of rapidly advancing technology, as well as using AI tools to meet the special educational needs of students.