The second edition of the International Assessment of Adult Competencies in Poland is launched

The Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIACC) was launched on September 5. The Educational Research Institute is responsible for implementing this assessment in Poland.

PIAAC is one of the largest social surveys in the world and the only assessment comparing the skills of adults from different countries. It measures literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills – skills considered essential for functioning in the modern world.

What is the purpose of the PIAAC survey?

The PIAAC survey makes it possible to compare differences in the skills of Poles. It will allow comparisons to be made with the results of residents of 32 other countries and those obtained in Poland in 2011. 

IBE is implementing the assessment in Poland and will publish the results in 2024. This will help to better understand the needs for learning, the use of skills and better tailor educational offerings for youth and adults. The information will benefit ministries, expert institutions, employer organisations and researchers.

What does the PIAAC assessment look like?

Interviewers from IBE's cooperating research companies, PBS and Danae, will visit the homes of the persons chosen for the assessment. The first part of the assessment consists of answering survey questions. During the next part, interviewees solve tasks on a tablet by themselves. Operating the tablet is intuitive and simple, but the interviewer will show how to use it if necessary. The tasks include searching for information on websites, reading instructions or planning a trip.

The assessment is coordinated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The assessment conducted in Poland is financed by the Ministry of Education and Science.