70th Anniversary of the Educational Research Institute

2022 marks the 70th anniversary of our Institute. It is a direct descendent of the Institute of Pedagogy, founded in 1952. This institution was transformed twenty years later into the Institute of Pedagogical Research, and in 1990 was given its present name. Regardless of how it is called, the focus of the Institute has always been on education and its connection to the labour market.

At IBE, we conduct interdisciplinary scientific research and participate in the implementation of its results using modern methods. We develop digital tools to disseminate practical labour market solutions useful to hundreds of thousands of people.

The strength of the Institute lies in its exceptional people – researchers from many fields: sociology, psychology, pedagogy, economics, political science, as well as experts from other scientific disciplines. The Institute is also made up of specialists with rich and varied professional experience, which apart from scientific research also includes didactic work, experience in public administration, the labour market, communication and promotion, as well as activities in non-governmental organisations.

In this special anniversary year, we will be telling the IBE's story from its very beginning – starting, in fact, from the late 1940s – until today. Our aim is to continue, moving with the times, to work even more strongly on the development of education. Because education is our future.