The latest publication of Path2Integrity project experts in FACETS

A review of methods for teaching research integrity and scientific ethics has been published in the interdisciplinary journal FACETS.


The publication "Dialogical teaching of research integrity: an overview of selected methods" was written by Agnieszka Koterwas, PhD, Agnieszka Dwojak-Matras, PhD and Katarzyna Kalinowska, PhD. These experts of the Path2Integrity project, implemented at the Educational Research Institute, prepared an overview of teaching methods based on dialogue and an active relationship with the learner. These methods can help in preparing classes on ethical research and can also be used when sharing experiences on proper scientific conduct.

The solution to ethical dilemmas is rarely clear-cut or zero-sum.  It requires the different interpretative worlds of the persons involved to be negotiated. Therefore, IBE’s experts focused mainly on discussing dialogical methods which enable views and beliefs to be confronted, as well as learning about the other person's point of view.

Read the article by Path2Integrity experts – link to the article

The authors describe case studies, storytelling, rotational role-playing, fishbowl debates as well as the "Dilemma Game" tool, the "ConscienceApp" initiative or the flipped classroom method.

They analysed the dialogical approach to teaching ethics and good science within the framework of positive integrity, focused on encouraging ethical behaviour.

This article is one of the first in a series on educational practices used to teach research integrity and scientific ethics that will soon be published on the FACETS website.

More resources developed on the basis of the data gathered by the Path2Integrity project can be found on the Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) platform.