E-learning as a permanent job? The IQS can help

Distance learning using modern technology is already a permanent reality in the world. The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this process. Now it turns out that e-learning may soon become an interesting alternative also in Poland.

Distance learning is a key competence in this day and age. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many courses, training workshops and conferences are taking place online. It is estimated that in 2023, the value of the global e-learning market will exceed 240 billion dollars. This is a great opportunity to get an interesting job. Who can benefit from this?

E-learning offers a wide field of activity. Those interested may obtain a job as an instructional designer (a person designing the didactic process), e-learning specialist or remote education methodologist. People working at universities, language schools, adult education centres, as well as companies and training centres providing courses for adults can benefit. E-learning also means conducting webinars, and there have been an abundance of those recently.

Remote teaching in the IQS what do you need to know and be able to do?

People familiar with remote teaching will now have the opportunity to confirm their skills through a certification process. This is because three qualifications have been included in the Integrated Qualifications System. How does it work? You have to check which conditions must be met, and then proceed to validation, that is, the confirmation of skills in a given field. Then you receive a certificate confirming your competences, an official document recognized in Poland and abroad.

Three qualifications relating to remote teaching have recently been included in the IQS. They are:

Information on the requirements for each of these qualifications can be found here. Work is currently underway to establish an institution that will be responsible for issuing certificates. And then it will be possible to go through the whole process and get an interesting job.

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Of course, if you are digitally proficient, then you may be able to immediately benefit from what the IQS has to offer. Qualifications worthy of note include:

What is the IQS?

The IQS is a system that describes, organises and brings together various qualifications in a single register. It is an important tool for lifelong learning policies. How do you use the system? You can find the information you need at the website: https://kwalifikacje.edu.pl.