IBE – Institutional Partner of the European Economic Congress 2024

Three days full of discussions on topics that Poland, Europe and the world live by. Renowned authorities, decision-making politicians, directors of large companies, entrepreneurs, experts, scientists, young activists and media people. The 16th edition of the European Economic Congress (EEC) is taking place in Katowice on May 7–9.

Dr. Tomasz Gajderowicz, Deputy Director of IBE will represent the  Educational Research Institute and take part in the discussion “Education – a system to be improved”.

Plenary session description:

Changes in the education system in Poland – what kind of changes and how to make them so as not to cause harm? Desired changes in the education system in response to: technological developments, current and future labour market demands, volatility and instability in the economy, new models of social relations. How to heal the finances of Polish education? Staffing for education. The problem of the exodus of people from the teaching profession in Poland. Earnings and prestige of the teaching profession. Teacher training system. New roles for teachers and how to prepare for them?

Thematic tracks of the European Economic Congress:

  • Europe and geopolitics
  • climate, economy and environment
  • energy and transition
  • digitalisation and technology
  • finance investment
  • laws and regulations
  • industry, raw materials, fuels
  • transport, infrastructure, mobility
  • management, labour market, society
  • education, science, innovation
  • city, region, metropolis
  • international economic co-operation
  • healthcare
  • accompanying events
  • EEC talks

We invite you to review the EEC agenda: https://www.eecpoland.eu/2024/pl/sessions/
See you in Katowice!