Conference “On the Integrated Qualifications System – not only in the context of development and technology”

You are cordially invited to a conference on May 15 promoting the solutions of the Integrated Qualifications System (IQS), with particular emphasis on the related activities of the Ministry of Development and Technology for business and the construction industry. The conference is one of many events celebrating Poland's twentieth anniversary of accession to the European Union. The conference is organised by the Ministry of Development and Technology and the Educational Research Institute.

During the conference, discussion panels will address, among others:

  • the challenges and prospects for the IQS
  • the interaction between education and validation
  • the issue of the quality of validation and the credibility of certificates

We will seek answers to the following questions:

  • How can we avoid ‘ruining’ validation?
  • What is the relevance of market qualification certificates for employers and industries?
  • What are the challenges and what are the benefits?

We will present:

  • The assumptions and opportunities of having industries use the Sectoral Qualifications Framework
  • The results and conclusions of a pilot study on the practical use of the Sectoral Qualifications Framework in the construction industry

The key role of the Ministry of Development and Technology in the development and operation of the Integrated Qualifications System will be presented. Two panel discussions are also planned: 1) Challenges and prospects for the development of the Integrated Qualification System, and 2) The future of validation from the perspective of awarding bodies, educational institutions and employers. In addition, there will also be a presentation of the results of the work on the Sectoral Qualifications Framework entitled “The Sectoral Qualifications Framework as a tool of the IQS using the example of the construction industry”.

We would like to invite all those interested in the above topics to participate, especially:

  • representatives of education, higher education and training institutions
  • representatives of local government units
  • employers
  • representatives of HR departments, business organisations
  • members of Sector Skills Councils
  • representatives of institutions and organisations connected with the labour market, public employment services and entities shaping and implementing public education policies
  • representatives of Sectoral Skills Centres operating in the field of construction and the economy

The conference will be held at the Ministry of Development and Technology, Plac Trzech Krzyży 3/5 in Warsaw, in the “Hall Under the Dome”. Participation in the event is possible either in person or online (live streaming and sign language interpretation will be provided).

Program details, speakers and registration links.

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