TRANSVAL-EU: complete the survey, support the project

TRANSVAL-EU is an international project on the validation of transversal competences implemented in cooperation with 16 European institutions. The Educational Research Institute is one of the project participants.

The TRANSVAL-EU project is conducting activities characterized as policy experimentation. In order to analyse potential tools and methods of validating transversal competences, the consortium has developed a survey.

Transversal competences, alternatively called cross-cutting competences, are those which can be used in different situations, contexts, professions, roles, positions and industries. For example, critical thinking, foreign language skills or project management skills are useful in research, industry or transport. It can be said that transversal competences are the glue that binds together professional skills, e.g. bookkeeping is a professional skill, but managing a team of accountants is a transversal skill.

The specific nature of transversal competences makes it difficult to acquire them within the framework of the formal education system, for example. It is also difficult to validate them, i.e. to check and confirm that a person possesses a given transversal competence or set of transversal competences.

Among the transversal competences valuable in the labour market are, for example, taking initiative, adapting to new conditions, problem solving, assessing risk and decision-making skills.

The growing importance of transversal competences is the result, among other things, of global trends and dynamic civilisational changes, causing the reorganisation of both work and the role of employees. The demand for such competences also results from the fact that currently possessed skills are very quickly becoming obsolete. Moreover, those competences that are difficult to automate are becoming increasingly more important.

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The survey

The survey is addressed to experts, practitioners, policy makers, officials, employees of enterprises, project managers providing counselling services and/or the validation of competences in all educational sectors (adult education, higher education, vocational education and training, non-formal education, schools, etc.) as well as labour market stakeholders (public employment services, enterprises, trade unions, NGOs, etc.).

We encourage you to complete the survey.

Completing the survey takes a maximum of 5-10 minutes, it is in English and will be activated until September 30, 2021.

The answers from this survey will only be used anonymously and respect the respondent’s privacy.